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LifeStream Bioactive Spirulina - 100g

LifeStream Bioactive Spirulina  - 100g
Brand: Lifestream
Product Code: QLS6950
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Spirulina is considered a whole and complete food and definitely recommended for:

  • Energy enhancement
  • Immune enhancement
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers
  • Vegetarians
  • Anyone looking for wholefood nutrition
  • General health and wellbeing

Spirulina is now harvested worldwide as its popularity continues to grow and health benefits are scientifically established with some claiming that spirulina is the most nutritious and complete food known to man. As a food source, spirulina is a complete protein supplying all essential amino acids with a remarkable amount of other essential nutrients including most of the B group vitamins and trace minerals.

Spirulina, a little spiral shaped fresh water blue-green algae, had been used as a food source by the Aztecs up until the 16th century with the first commercial harvesting in 1970. The botanical names for spirulina are Arthrospira platensis and Arthrospira maxima.

Most nutritional supplements on the market, whilst bio-identical to nature, are synthetically manufactured, which some believe do not offer the same nutritional benefits as wholefoods. In nature nutrition does not come isolated and generally in much lower doses than found in synthetic vitamins and minerals found on our shelves. However it is believed by many that the synergy of these compounds working together have a greater benefit to the organism ingesting them. The sum is greater than the whole of its parts.

Lifestream has a reputation for quality and has been manufacturing Spirulina for 30 years. Lifestream was the first company to bring spirulina to the Australasian market. Lifestream is synonymous with quality and is a respected trusted brand.

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Directions <h4>Dose, Recommendation and Cautions</h4> <p>It is recommend that Lifestream Spirulina be a part of but not a replacement in a healthy and balanced diet. Please follow the label direction.</p> <p>Start with small amounts such as a ΒΌ of a teaspoon of powder or one to two tablets or capsules (per day for the first week) before building to a suitable level for your own personal needs.</p> <p>Lifestream Spirulina is a natural whole food and is not meant to prevent, diagnose or cure any disease condition.</p> <p>Consult your Health Care Professional if you are on prescription medication or are in doubt.</p>
Health Concern Cleansing & Intestinal Health
Ingredients <h4>Contains:</h4> <p>100% Bioactive Spirulina Powder</p>
Lucene Indexed? 1
Made in New Zealand No
Pack Size 100
Product Type/Measurement g
Servings per Pack 20
Supplier Pacific Health
Supplier SKU QLS6950

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