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Cleansing & Intestinal Health

Colon cleansing aims at removing the toxins from the gastrointestinal tract, which may cause problems such as food sensitivities and painful joints. Besides removing harmful microorganisms, it may help in promoting healthy bacteria, which may boost energy of and enhance the immune system.

Spirulina, aloe vera, and chlorella are products that may help in cleansing the colon and improving gastrointestinal health.

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Brett Elliot Ultimate Herbal DETOX - 1 kit
Developed by Brett Elliot after going through healing crises, the Ultimate Herbal detox is a complet..
NZ$228.85 NZ$138.20
SAVE 40%
Ex Tax: NZ$120.17
Brett Elliot Ultimate Herbal SLIM - 1 kit
With so many weight management programs around, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Wha..
NZ$228.85 NZ$147.95
SAVE 35%
Ex Tax: NZ$128.65
Good Health 100% Pure Colostrum - 100g
Good Health 100% Pure Colostrum: Helps to improve Immune protection Normalises micro-flora o..
NZ$60.08 NZ$43.54
SAVE 28%
Ex Tax: NZ$37.86
Good Health Body Cleanse - 1 kit
Detoxification is helpful for: Cleansing the body of accumulated toxins General health and w..
NZ$64.29 NZ$46.59
SAVE 28%
Ex Tax: NZ$40.51
Good Health Colostrum Chews - Strawberry - 150 Chewable Tablets
Good Health Colostrum Chews can: Help to improve immune protection Normalise micro-flora of ..
NZ$30.94 NZ$22.41
SAVE 28%
Ex Tax: NZ$19.49
Good Health Ginkgo Max 8000 - 120 Capsules
Ginkgo biloba (Ginkgo) is a very old tree species that have distinctive leaves and a long use as a t..
NZ$72.34 NZ$52.41
SAVE 28%
Ex Tax: NZ$45.58
Good Health Intesta Cleanse - 42 Capsules
Intesta cleanseâ„¢ provides key herbs Gold Thread, Black Walnut, Pau D'Arco, Ginger and Andrograp..
NZ$47.15 NZ$32.80
SAVE 30%
Ex Tax: NZ$28.52
Good Health Liver Tonic - 90 Capsules
Daily liver support Milk Thistle extract 10,500mg Supports detoxification Potent liver pro..
NZ$45.89 NZ$31.92
SAVE 30%
Ex Tax: NZ$27.76
Good Health Mg Lax - 60 Capsules
Bowel support Magnesium-based formula Naturally supports bowel elimination Encourages bowe..
NZ$24.04 NZ$16.71
SAVE 30%
Ex Tax: NZ$14.53
Nutra-Life Ginkgo 7500 Plus - 30 Capsules
Ginkgo biloba (Ginkgo) is a very old tree species that have distinctive leaves and a long use as a t..
Ex Tax: NZ$29.90
Radiance Candaid - 120 Capsules
Suitable for: Those with external fungal infections of the nails, skin and genitals Suspecte..
Ex Tax: NZ$55.90
Thompson's Celery 5000 One-A-Day  - 60 Vegecaps
Celery has been widely used as both a food and a medication since the Middle Ages. The ancient Greek..
NZ$30.13 NZ$22.73
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Ex Tax: NZ$19.76
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